Learning The Different WordPress User Roles

 The Different WordPress User Roles

The needs of each WordPress User Roles may vary depending on your individual situation, it may be that you are running a blog about your family and that you are the only person that will be doing the posting? It may be that you are a member of a community group of parents and that you wish to allow other parents to contribute their thoughts and news or information? So how to do you allow them to add to the blog? It’s not too hard once you know the procedure and you can even set different capabilities for each different user role if you wish to expand on the standard WordPress User Role Settings. You can change the user role settings by adding a plugin that will give the different users a set of boundaries they are allowed to work within. In this WordPress Video I show the plugin that I have used to allow a contributor to add media files.

This is not normally an option for a contributor but because of the nature of the website I wanted to allow and user to post a Media File so they could share an image that they had drawn. The site is an Interactive Cartoon , so to speak. So it was important that the contributor to the site could add this element to their posts! I also have to approve the posts before they get published, but as the video says, once they have done five to ten posts and I trust them I will give them a new user WordPress User Role and they will be able to add posts and publish at their own free will. So it really is up to the person running the blog to decide who and what roles are being played out in their site. You may be running a sports club blog and want everyone to be able to contribute? The great thing about WordPress is the option is there to make a community based blogsite.


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Learn With WordPress Videos

WordPress Seo Plugin

Seo Plugin

An Seo Plugin plays a big part of getting your Blog site found, when you start blogging you generally share your thoughts and views on the subjects that interest you and because of this there are certain “Keywords” that will associate well with the topic of the post. It’s these words that the search will pick up on. These words add to the value of your post in the search engines view. The term SEO plays a part in all this, SEO is an acronym for the term Search Engine Optimisation which the industry term for making your blog more noticeable to search. So at this point we know the words we use are important, they should relate to what you are blogging about, but be careful not to overuse the words or may be considered to be “Word Stuffing” and you can actually be penalised for “Spamming” (Another word for junk) In this post I have already used the therm “Search Engine” a number of times and I may get no love from Google or Bing because of that. But to convey the information there is not much choice, so i’ll take a chance and see how we go? Basically if you writing seems natural, it will be treated that way. Do not just throw words in for the sake of it, the engines have algorithms that rewards and punish the keywords being used. Some folk may suggest only using your keyword topic once or twice in a 500 word post. As you can see I have gone way past that! Seo Plugins will help you with your keyword density.

Seo Plugin Will Help Manage Your Site

You will notice I used a subheading at the top of this post that says Seo Plugin Well that also adds weight to my post because I have done it in  Heading 2 which will look different in html (Hyper Text Mark Up Language) and I will do a few other things to make the text look a little different to the search bots. I will make a few words “bold” and a few words “Italic” Many believe these few little changes help you to get some extra points in being noticed by Google and Bing. We also have another option and that is to add a WordPress plugin that is designed to help with Seo. In fact the plugin is called Seo Pack and works in conjunction with tags and our post heading. You will see that once installed below each post you do there is a new Seo Plugin section to add extra volume to your blog post, you can now add another title and a short description plus keywords. Then below that is another section where you can deny search from finding you if that what you wish, boxes where you can tick for Robots No Follow and Robots No Index. Perhaps you content is sensitive and only meant for regular followers or subscribers so you may use this option. But hey this post is about being seen! You will also notice a option where is says canonical Url which means you may wish to add an exact title to the post’s web address, a more specific keyword based address. Here is a link to see the difference ….. Canonical Url    Ok it’s time to look at the screencast and get some info on how to help make our blogsite get noticed by Google and Bing 

We are now using a Seo Plugin that is called Yoast and it has a rating system to help further improve your website’s visibility and noticeability to the search engines. You really need to use a Seo Plugin to improve your site’s ranking power! With Yoast they will tell you if there are too many focus keywords in the your post, which is very hand information!


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Updating WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Updating WordPress Plugins

Updating WordPress Plugins is essential for the security and better running of your blog. Learn about updating WordPress Plugins. In this WordPress Tutorial Video we will look at how to update a Plugin, Plugins are the little ‘Pockets of Software” that you can add on to your site for further functionality and features. There are many many different plugins, some are paid for and some are free. In fact most are free but the developer normally has a paypal link you can donate to if you desire to? I have donated a couple of times before and if you use a plugin on multiple site it is definitely worth some thought as it takes these people time and effort to give you something for free!

Updating WordPress Plugins is Better Security

Now another thing to think about is that by keeping all our plugins up to date we are keeping the hackers at bay, some hackers become aware of the flaws in an old plugin and they exploit the weakness then get into your site and destroy your hard work (remember to back up regularly) So if we keep plugins up to date there is less chance of our site being corrupted by not so nice folk. Also these updates are normally done to improve the performance of a plugin so that is another good reason to do it. Plus it really is not too hard as this WordPress Plugin Update video will show you, so let’s get to it.  Please do excuse the cough at the 1.50 mark. The most import security aspect of your WordPress Blog is the management of the WordPress Plugins, you need to be vigilant when it comes to the security of your site. You will generally receive notification emails when a Plugin needs to be updated and as this WordPress Video shows you there are also reminders when you logon!

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Getting Started With WordPress Plugin Options

Using Our WordPress Plugin Options

Learn about and how to use out WordPress Plugins. In this WordPress Video and post I have tried to find a useful video that helps you gain an understanding of what plugins do and how they are managed, there is also other information in regards to backing up your WordPress Blog Site. Don’t be too stressed if you are a little lost at first because there will come a day when you think about this video and have a smile to yourself while remembering how you got started with WordPress, remember there are many online forums where you can ask further questions. Also as time goes by there should be people starting to ask and answer questions in regards to each post. So have a look, then have another look. Then try to do a few things you have learned ….. you may just surprise yourself! As with nearly all WordPress procedures, you soon become proficient after just a few tries. There are over 3,000 different WordPress Plugin options and well over a 100,000,000 downloads of the WordPress Plugin. Using a WordPress Plugin can add more features and user options to your blog! WordPress Plugins are offered via your own site’s admin dashboard and also at WordPress.Org Here you can find lists of the most popular and user ratings and other information such as functions and requirements. There are many many WordPress Plugin options and once you start to explore what is available you will need to not go overboard! Why? because each plugin adds to the running of your site, which means it is using up resources and the time for these resources to begin working may dramatically slow down the running time of your site? Do you like to go to slow loading sites? This is worth remembering when using a WordPress Plugin.


By Robert Wimer