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Install WordPress On Your Cpanel

Find out how to Install WordPress BlogsLearn how to install a WordPress Blog. This is a WordPress Video designed to show you how to change NameServers at your Domain Name registrar (In this case it’s Godaddy,Com) but it is basically the same for each Domain Registrar. You change your name servers to those that the Web Hosting Company have provided you with, Example for Ventraip.Net.Au I do the change to and and then the Domain is pointing to the Hosting Company. I then login into my cpanel (Control Panel) Once there I add on the Domain Name and once alerted it is there I then go to the section allowing me to upload my Domain to the WordPress Blog Section, I select the Site Address/ Domain Name. You will notice I delete the ‘Blog’ reference. Then I decide on a Password and User/Admin Name. There are many YouTube Videos on how to Install WordPress Blogs

When happy all is in order I am ready to install my WordPress Site. A few seconds later it is done and I can logon and off and start to do some customizing to my needs and likes. I change themes, arrange the widgets and do some plugins and then … you guessed it! I can get to work and start sharing whatever I think the world needs to know. Including posts of Videos (Like this one) Plus also photos. And as I always say “Once you have done it once with WordPress you are pretty much an expert!” So I do hope this WordPress Tutorial Video helps you on your website journey. Knowing how to Install WordPress is very important and is the thing needed to get you started when you are on your own hosting environment. All cpanels have a easy to follow guide on How To Install WordPress Blogs. Do not be scared to try a WordPress Installation!

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Nameservers And The Cpanel Options

Nameservers and Cpanel Options

Cpanel options give you the ability to install and run your WordPress Blog on your own hosting! There are limitations when using the WordPress Hosting option. This WordPress Videos shows us how to use the Cpanel to install ouw WordPress Blogs. When you have finally chosen your WordPress Blog’s name and have registered the domain name, you will then have to change nameservers to the hosting company you have chosen, once nameservers have been allocated you then logon onto your hosting cpanel and install the WordPress Site. The following videos were perhaps the easiest to understand and gain an idea from. Some hosting companies may even install the site for you, as you can see it really does not take long. And yes as I keep saying, once you have done it you will find it easy to do the next time. This WordPress site uses hosting, so I went to my domain name registrar (Godaddy) then went to domain control and selected nameservers and changed from domain control to custom nameservers which were and and then i clicked save. My domain name is now pointing to my hosting and via the cpanel i went to addon domains and added the domain name (website address) I then went to the section with the wordpress icon and installed the blog, my cpanel has an icon so I know where to go, some cpanel have the feature called fantastico, you can install WordPress there as well. The modern Cpanel has inbuilt “Wizards” for us to follow if we are having trouble with installing software. This WordPress Video will show you how to install your WordPress Blog onto your own hosting Cpanel where you have the freedom to add more plugins and themes to your site! We also learn how to point the nameservers to our hosting company!


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So What Are Domain Names

WordPress and Domain Names

Domain Names are the title of your Website. Icann are the governing body of the internet and they have explained in this video what a domain name is? Strange, we all visit websites but yet many of us do not know what a domain names are? Have a look at this short video and remember you will need a domain name for your WordPress Site. Godaddy is one of the most popular registrars on the internet, many WordPress users have their domain names regged at This WordPress Video explains the world of Domain Names and how they can assist in making your WordPress Blog much more memorable and possibly “Searchable” on places such as Google and Bing There is even a strong after market for good Domain Names, one reason is that a good Domain Name adds to the branding power of a professional website or blog! It is basically self advertising and helps you with your marketing plan. Many people believe that generic term Domain Names get noticed by the Search Engines in preference to more obscure sounding names. What would you rather have “Crazy Hats” or the more generic term of “Hats” The second of these two Domain Names offers the option to have Crazy Hats as part of a stock supply but is not tied to just that one category! For your WordPress Blog you will need a domain name. Domain Names are registered every day by investors and by users. This WordPress Video will look at how we register our Domain Names and what is a Domain Name registrar, consider that a registrar is like a library and that Domain Names are like books we have borrowed? I say borrowed because we never fully own our Domain Names, we are required to renew them each year! You must remember that you need to renew Domains annually because if you forget, you will lose it to someone else! Normally you get reminder emails from the Domain Name’s registrar. You can also set the domain to “Auto Renew”

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