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WordPress Hosting Information

This WordPress Video discusses WordPress Hosting Options available to us? WordPress Hosting is basically your Cyberspace Rent for a website, it does not have to be a WordPress site, all websites need hosting to work, a piece of machinery called a server (file server) communicates with your computer and supplies the hosted the files. You can have your WordPress blog site hosted with any hosting company you choose, even with WordPress themselves. Most people will host with the company of their choice. This website is using shared hosting and the WordPress blog was installed via the Cpanel (cpanel means Control Panel) Basically it is the place where you control the elements of your hosting, installing blogs and adding domain names. Cpanels have a section where you can install your WordPress Blog. A cpanel can also be used for setting up a email account. WordPress Hosting options are many and when you first get started you may not be aware that you are Not Obliged to use WordPress.Com as your hosting supplier. Yes can use them but they have restrictions and some plugins and after market WordPress Themes many not be allowed to use, WordPress Hosting at WordPress will limit your options, for some folk it is not an issue but as time goes and you begin to want more out of your Blog you will most likely further explore your Wordpress Hosting options. It is a natural progression and once you have installed WordPress to your hosting cpanel you will be in full control of your blog. The cost is about the same but when you are hosting with a private company you are not as limited. This WordPress Video looks at WordPress Hosting

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