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Login to WordPress, sounds simple but scares some folk and they never get their blogging started. Seems strange now i have logged on a few thousand times, but there was a era not all that long ago that it was all new to me and even logging onto my WordPress Blog was daunting. I will say it over and over again on this site. “Once you have done it once you are basically an expert” Now the way this video shows you how i logon is because I have previously dragged the Meta Logon option away from the front page via the widgets section. So to get to the logon I simply type in my WordPress Blog Address of and then I add /wp-admin to the end of it and I get which I then hit enter and as the video shows you then have a login option.

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In this WordPress Video I will show you a different method that I use to Login To WordPress, I feel it is a better way and keeps the appearance of the website much cleaner, basically if the Meta Login is not present it could be said “Out of Sight, Out of mind” This WordPress Video will show you that to use the address bar up top of the browser is a better option and does contribute to making your blog look more like a custom website rather than being a personal blog. The widget area of the WordPress Dashboard gets you to where you can simply click and drag away the Meta Login option from the sidebar. Then you simply Logon To WordPress as shown in the Video, it’s cleaner and helps to keep away unwanted folk who will try to login to WordPress without your permission. Some Folk will Login at WordPress.Com

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