Stop WordPress Spam On Your Blogging Site

Stop WordPress Spam Comments

Stop WordPress Spam Comments and have a happier Blogsite! Many people believe if they leave a link on your WordPress site they will gain traction from the search engines like Google and Bing. So because of that they will spend part of the day “Spamming” other folks blog sites. Much to the annoyance of the blog owner who is hoping for honest feedback and even questions that they are able to answer on certain relating to their WordPress Blog. They really don’t care about new pharmacy pills and other junk links that are left with each unrelated comment. You see that’s how you also know the comment is spam, because it normally does not mention the subject of your blog? Many go like this “I found your blog and appreciate the content in it and will bookmark it to comeback again” They never mention the topic of your blog and the link they leave has nothing to do with your site?? Yep it’s Spam!! So what do we do about it? Well there is a plugin called Askimet and it comes preinstalled when you first start your blog, you will find it in the plugins section of the dashboard just under Appearance, you click activate and then signup for your own Askimet Api Key. Once there select the personal blog option (There is no charge for this option) Insert the id key supplied and you have gone a long way to stopping the spam. But there also other ways which is short WordPress Video Tutorial will show you, block Internet Provider Addresses (I.P Address) and also block the option to leave comments and trackbacks. Now you may wish to experiment a little with this, because if you are getting lot’s of genuine comments it may be better to manually delete the spam comments and just block the I.P Address. Stop WordPress Spam Comments and save time and energy when you Stop WordPress Spam at the beginning.

Stop WordPress Spam Now

Also I do not allow tracbacks either (This means you have allowed your WordPress blog to in linked to another website/blog) What you need to consider is that if the site that you have allowed a trackback (Also Known as pingback) has been up to no good (Blackhat Activities) You will be associated with the offending site’s bad practices and possibly penalised? By the search engines, which means it will be harder for people to find your blog in their search results. So of course we want all the exposure we can get and need to avoid bad links to our WordPress blog! I will use two screens to show the methods, one screen for the general settings and one for the blog post settings. So have a look and then follow the steps, worth noting when I did my first blog I eventually discovered there were over 5,000 spam comments and porn link comments left on my site, at that time I did not know how to delete them? It would have been better to just stop them in the beginning I think. In case you are wondering if you are trying to leave/get links for your WordPress Blog, I suggest finding sites related to your topics and even contacted the owner of the site to see if they wish to swap links. One that’s worth knowing is sometimes after you have swapped links, your link suddenly disappears a week or so later?? The other site owner is trying to gain authority by having you just linking to them and not returning the link. It’s worth checking you links every now and then! If you stop WordPress Spam comments your readers will appreciate the cleaner content of the site and there is less work for you to do!

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Change WordPress Video Size On Your Posts

How To Change WordPress Video Size

Change WordPress Video size to suit your blogs template size. We recently learned how to insert a video into a WordPress Blog, but sometimes the standard sizes do not suit the shape and layout of the post, some themes have a different width so it is handy to know how to change WordPress Video size. So in this WordPress Tutorial Video we will have a quick look at how to make your blog post videos the size you think may suit your suit better. The bigger the video the longer the site will take to load (This may put some people off using your site/blog) In fact you may notice I only Place three posts on the front page of this WordPress Site because I don’t want it to take too long to load when you first visit, you can adjust how many videos/posts in the general settings part of the dashboard.

Change WordPress Video Size For a Better Fit

So let’s get to and have a look at how to change the size of a video in your blog post. We will make it too large and then change it back to the size that I normally use in each video. WordPress is so simple that once you have done before you are basically an expert! If you can Change WordPress Video Size on your posts you have more control over your blog and can customise the look and overall feel to the site, it can also help if your blog site is slow to load. It may mean you need to Change WordPress Video Size to make for a faster loading site? You can also Change WordPress Video Size on your pages? Perhaps you would like to make them larger to add to the feel of the page?


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Learn With WordPress Videos

Insert Video Into Your WordPress Blog Site

Insert Video Into Your WordPress Posts

Insert Video into your blog for extra information! In this post we will have a quick look at how to insert a YouTube video into your WordPress posts. You might be surprised at how easy it is to do. Basically nearly all videos on YouTube are able to be embedded into other websites/WordPress. Most video owners are quite flattered to think that someone will use their video and they leave the embedding option ‘Open’ So other folk can use their videos, pretty cool eh! In fact most of the videos on this site are third party videos and it is a great study resource for this site. It is now even easier to insert videos, it used to be that you would cut and paste a long line of Html code into your WordPress post but those days are gone and it is the iframe short code that has become the standard.

The iframe is a short code within the Html code (Hyper Text Mark Up Language) Mark up language is a term used in the print industry. Kinda means editing. The whole process has been streamlined to just copying one short line of code and then embedding it into your post. It only takes a moment and you then have video content in your blog. So have a look at the video and then try it for your self, do it once and be an expert! It is good etiquette to give credit to the author of the video, you will notice all the videos on this site have done this in respect to the author. We are in a video based world and the need to  Insert Video Into Your WordPress Blog Site is essential to remain contemporary in today’s video based word!

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How To Install WordPress Blogs

Install WordPress On Your Cpanel

Find out how to Install WordPress BlogsLearn how to install a WordPress Blog. This is a WordPress Video designed to show you how to change NameServers at your Domain Name registrar (In this case it’s Godaddy,Com) but it is basically the same for each Domain Registrar. You change your name servers to those that the Web Hosting Company have provided you with, Example for Ventraip.Net.Au I do the change to and and then the Domain is pointing to the Hosting Company. I then login into my cpanel (Control Panel) Once there I add on the Domain Name and once alerted it is there I then go to the section allowing me to upload my Domain to the WordPress Blog Section, I select the Site Address/ Domain Name. You will notice I delete the ‘Blog’ reference. Then I decide on a Password and User/Admin Name. There are many YouTube Videos on how to Install WordPress Blogs

When happy all is in order I am ready to install my WordPress Site. A few seconds later it is done and I can logon and off and start to do some customizing to my needs and likes. I change themes, arrange the widgets and do some plugins and then … you guessed it! I can get to work and start sharing whatever I think the world needs to know. Including posts of Videos (Like this one) Plus also photos. And as I always say “Once you have done it once with WordPress you are pretty much an expert!” So I do hope this WordPress Tutorial Video helps you on your website journey. Knowing how to Install WordPress is very important and is the thing needed to get you started when you are on your own hosting environment. All cpanels have a easy to follow guide on How To Install WordPress Blogs. Do not be scared to try a WordPress Installation!

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How To Login To WordPress

Login To WordPress Blogs

Login to wordpress
WordPress Videos

Login to WordPress, sounds simple but scares some folk and they never get their blogging started. Seems strange now i have logged on a few thousand times, but there was a era not all that long ago that it was all new to me and even logging onto my WordPress Blog was daunting. I will say it over and over again on this site. “Once you have done it once you are basically an expert” Now the way this video shows you how i logon is because I have previously dragged the Meta Logon option away from the front page via the widgets section. So to get to the logon I simply type in my WordPress Blog Address of and then I add /wp-admin to the end of it and I get which I then hit enter and as the video shows you then have a login option.

It’s Fun To Login To WordPress

In this WordPress Video I will show you a different method that I use to Login To WordPress, I feel it is a better way and keeps the appearance of the website much cleaner, basically if the Meta Login is not present it could be said “Out of Sight, Out of mind” This WordPress Video will show you that to use the address bar up top of the browser is a better option and does contribute to making your blog look more like a custom website rather than being a personal blog. The widget area of the WordPress Dashboard gets you to where you can simply click and drag away the Meta Login option from the sidebar. Then you simply Logon To WordPress as shown in the Video, it’s cleaner and helps to keep away unwanted folk who will try to login to WordPress without your permission. Some Folk will Login at WordPress.Com

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WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins Protect

WordPress Security Plugins are one of the most important features of your blog’s maintenance procedures. You need to beef your WordPress Security and the way to do it is with plugins that designed to stop would be hackers in their tracks. You can also make sure your plugins and themes are always up to date. A few other WordPress Security Plugins that can use are WordPress Firewall 2 and Acunetix Security. You need to be pro active when it comes to security and your WordPress blog. Keep plugins and themes updated as prompted to do so. Also you can go to Tools in the Dashboard Section and export the content to your computer. This way if the worst happens you have some files to re-install and get your site back to where it previously was. It’s worth knowing that by using WordPress Security Plugins you are being pro-active in making you blog a well secured website.

WordPress Security Plugins Help You Stay Safe

This WordPress Video will show you some examples of WordPress Security Plugins and how to find and install them. There are many options out there and it is worth reading user reviews and other rating information. The examples in this WordPress Video are the ones I normally prefer to use, I have also stated using captcha style WordPress Security Plugins to add even further security to my blog. Plus I am also in the good habit of saving the content via the tools option in the dashboard, you simply export the content to your computer. There are also a number of WordPress Plugins such as Updraft. Remember there are many options when it comes to WordPress Security Plugins and you need to implement these into your blog for ongoing and enhanced protection. Watch this WordPress Video Lesson  and learn about some of your security options and consider even further research such a YouTube user reviews

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learn How To Make WordPress Pages

How To Make WordPress Pages

WordPress pages are another way to run your blog, instead of posting, you can have a static front page and use the post option just for categories that people can click on for further information on subjects. You can make different categories for you WordPress Pages and even make sub WordPress pages for each category or subject. Let’s learn how to make WordPress Pages, Your WordPress site may also need pages alongside the posts, it not hard to do as you will soon see, here is a hint though. To get the pages menu option you need to go to Widgets and drag the ‘pages’ icon over the sidebar or footer. Your pages will now appear on the website’s homepage and people can click on them to go there! Another example of why WordPress is so simple! Your WordPress Pages can appear in the top menu bar and also in the sidebar, you may need to go to the widgets section to drag the WordPress Pages option into the sidebar, it is very easy to do!

Don’t Be Scared Of WordPress Pages

WordPress Pages offer the chance to offer more “Static Information” Perhaps if you are a business you may wish to use this pages as price references or a mission statement option. You can also make WordPress Pages your home page by going to the Reading Sub Heading in the  Settings in th lower part of the  Dashboard and once you are there you will see an option to make WordPress Pages “Static” which means your front page will always stay the same. It’s handy for places that offer a menu. Restaurants are good example of an entity that would wish to use WordPress Pages in preference to regular posts on the front page, watch this WordPress Video and then explore your options. More on WordPress Pages Here

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WordPress Posts Are How You Blog

WordPress Posts are for Bloggers

WordPress Posts are what blogging is about, your WordPress Posts can be quite varied by adding photos and even videos to enhance the quality and information of the blog’s posts. The big feature of WordPress Posts are the many varied options they allow you when posting about your chosen subject. Your WordPress Posts can have different colored fonts and different colored headings and sub-headings, you can also add Bold and Italic to your WordPress Posts. Well your WordPress blog/website is going to need some content and these videos will show you how to go about making a post and just how easy it is to get your info out there for the world to see! Tags, Categories and Photos also go a long way to getting your content seen on the web. It is these elements that the search engines like Google use to find you and your content.

WordPress Posts Are Fun To Do

Search Engine Optimization is popular term on the web, but for now we just want you to get started on your first WordPress Post. You will notice there are different ways to add media (photos) have some fun and try each method, it will only help your knowledge base. This WordPress Video will show you more about your WordPress Posts and the options available when you start up your blogsite. There are many font options which include colors, sizes, bolding and italic plus even underlining and strike throughs. You may also wish to centre and justify your WordPress posts which will add another visual aspect to the quality of the blog post. There also plugins for WordPress Posts which allow you to add even more fonts and features. Let’s have a look at another of our  WordPress Videos to get started on WordPress Posts

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Learn With WordPress Videos

Installing WordPress Themes

Learn About Installing WordPress Themes

This WordPress Video explores WordPress Themes and the ways we will install them into our blogsites. WordPress Themes are one of the most important parts of your WordPress site. It is what visitors will first see when they arrive at your blog and they will soon either love or hate your site? Good news is that it is not too hard to change WordPress Themes and every WordPress Blog has built in options to change your theme, there are also after market themes designed to carry out certain task, shops, social media and even responsive themes which work on phones and ipads as well as your pc or laptop! We will look at paid themes in another post, but for now we just want you to understand your options when it comes to themes.

WordPress Themes Are Easy To Change

This site allows you to download a theme and then install it from your computer Free Generic WordPress Themes  In fact the theme of this website came from that free theme site! You may need or require certain elements to your WordPress Themes, such as a need for commercial and ecommerce options? Perhaps your WordPress Themes need to be aimed at Photography or Video content? When choosing WordPress Themes consider what your needs are? Also consider what functionality your require? Some of the flashiest WordPress Themes may be slow and cumbersome due to the fact they carry too many features? This WordPress Video Lesson explores how we install our WordPress Themes and where to find them? Find out more on WordPress Themes

By Tyler Moore

With some WordPress Themes you may need to compress them into a zip file before you can upload them, just right click and hit compress Quite often when you download a theme it comes as a folder, you need to compress it to a zipfile and then it will upload to your WordPress Site. You will find your downloaded themes in your computers ‘Download Section” 

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WordPress Widgets Give Your Blog Options

Learn To Use WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets are another fantastic feature of the WordPress blogging platform and although the video below shows you some coding you really don’t need to do this, just click and drag as it is shown in the first five minutes of the video. WordPress Widgets allow you to customize the look of your WordPress website. Remember you do not need to code anything, just click and drag, as shown in the beginning of the WordPress Video below. We will look at how we can add and take away widgets as required. The Use of Widgets is one of the biggest features of the WordPress Blogging Platform, WordPress Widgets allow us to fully customize our blog to our specific needs and requirements.

WordPress Widgets Mean More Options

Widgets are easy to manage and can be used to add many various features to the blog’s overall appearance! People use WordPress Widgets to add a link to pages, menus and to add better functionality to the blog. By Using Widgets we offer the visitor easier options to navigate the site. One example may be that you have made some pages but yet they are not visible on the frontpage? You simply go to the Dashboard and in the Appearance section there is a sub heading for WordPress Widgets, click on it! Once the Widget section opens up you can see that you simply only have to “Drag” the Page’s WordPress Widget into the sidebar section of the Widget Page and the Page’s Heading will appear in the frontpage next time you go there. This WordPress Video lesson shows us how to implement Widgets

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Here is another of our WordPress Videos that explains more about WordPress Widgets and just how simple it is make your blog’s appearance more suitable to your needs, it’s great fun to make your site look exactly like what you imagine it should be, and it’s just so easy!

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